Our Vision

Compass Community Church, Navare, Florida
Compass Community Church, Navare, Florida

We are convinced that God has called us to plant an evangelical church in this rapidly growing Navarre community. After much prayer and discussion about what Compass Community Church should look like, what values it should hold, and how it should engage the community for the gospel, we have purposed the following.

…is that every man, woman and child in Navarre and beyond would have an opportunity to hear the gospel and become a disciple of Jesus Christ to the glory of God on the earth.

Our Mission

…is to establish redemptive relationships in our community in which we display the beauty of Christ in us with the goal of making disciples in obedience to Christ.

Our Core Values

We are committed to…

Growing in God’s Word: We (individually, corporately, young and old) will read it, learn it, live it, obey it and proclaim the gospel, in every facet of our lives.

Modeling Christ: Jesus Christ is our Lord, our Savior, our life, our hope, our model for life. We will seek to be obedient like Christ, prayerful like Christ, gracious like Christ, loving like Christ, and have a servant mindset like Christ.

God Dependent Prayer: We are gladly a God-dependent people with a God-given work that can only be accomplished in His power; therefore we must pray always and for all things, praying with each other and for each other, for others and for ourselves that we might know God and His infinite power, so that God will be glorified in our lives always and in everything.

God Focused Worship: We will gather regularly to glorify God together, both young and old, with God-given joy and creativity, singing songs together to God about God, praying prayers together to God with trust in God, reading aloud together God’s Word, celebrating together with joy and laughter the evidence of God’s work among us, weeping together over our losses and failures, that together we may be built up in faith and united as a family of worshipers.

Disciple Making: As Christ’s disciples, in obedience to Christ’s command, we will individually and corporately pursue opportunities and strategies to build honest, redemptive relationships with those around us who are not yet followers of Christ that they may see in us the beauty of Christ and his Gospel and learn from us God’s offer of salvation in Christ and, Lord-willing, trust in Christ, and faithfully come alongside them to teach them how to follow Christ in obedience.

Being Kingdom Minded: We know that all Christians everywhere have been made one in Christ, and that there is but one Church. We know that Christ Jesus is the only name by which people may be saved. As God provides, we will support disciple-makers whom God has called to the nations. Locally, we will display our God-given unity in Christ by partnering with other believing churches and ministries in the work of disciple-making that every man, woman, and child has the opportunity to hear the gospel.

Christian Fellowship: We will strive to live in fellowship with one another in such a way as to encourage one another to holiness, obedience, love and good works, faithfully building one another up in Christ-likeness, refusing to engage in gossip or any dishonoring conversation that tears others down. We will graciously and humbly seek to restore anyone among us who falls into sin and make every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.